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  • The Ray Charles story is full of paradoxes, part and parcel of the American Dream. Rags to riches. Triumph overcoming tragedy. Light transcending darkness.
  • Gary Cooper was one of the most beloved actors of the golden years of Hollywood. Throughout his career Cooper appeared in over 100 films, and was rated one of the biggest box office draws 18 times between 1936-1957.
  • STARRLIGHT. Steve Starr is the author of Picture Perfect-Art Deco Photo Frames 1926-1946, published by Rizzoli International Publications. A photographer, designer and an artist, he is the owner of Steve Starr Studios. See articles in Steve Starr's S T A R R L I G H T.
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The Many Faces of Cuyle Carvin

Several months ago actor Cuyle Carvin gave me a DVD of the film Fog Warning where he plays Karl.

Carvin's acting career began in 2004 with an appearance in the television series, The World's Astonishing News . This was a Japanese television program which recreated bizarre news stories from around the world.  This led to appearances on As The World Turns , All My Children and Rescue Me. Read more about Cuyle Carvin.

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Multi-instrumentalist David Franklin hears music and rhythm patterns everywhere in his day-to-day life whether it is machines, telephones, a vacuum, vibrating objects, a door closing or a baby crying; he uses these “found sounds” as inspiration or even directly in his compositions.

“I try not to limit myself to just one way of looking at things or doing something,” explains musician Nathan Speir. That philosophy has led to an eclectic and varied musical career with his recordings having been described as ambient chamber music, acoustic-ambient, piano-oriented new age, and avant-garde. His ninth album, Part of a Kindly Plan, continues his fascinating experimentation.

For thousands and thousands of years nothing was as crucial as being able to see at night, cook the food, keep safe from animals of prey, stay warm, and gather around a fire to share stories.  So the acoustic guitar duo Terra Guitarra named their latest album Firelight as a tribute to the historical significance of this development by mankind.

Johannes Linstead, one of the most popular Latin-guitar performers in the world, created his latest recording, Midnight Rhumba, to serve as an exotic musical escape from day-to-day-life. 

Pianist Dan Chadburn, who emphatically states, “I love winter,” has created an album, Whispers The Falling Snow, exemplifying and glorifying that season.

Imagine a summertime Uwe Gronaulate-night journey through Paris past the cafes and bars and nightclubs, alongside the statues and historical buildings and parks, through the old-town districts with the cobblestone streets, seeing a few lovers huddled together, across the Seine on an ancient bridge, the shops and markets closed, a few streetlights fighting the shadows and making puddles glisten from a recent rain, culminating in a climb to a rooftop overlooking the city to await a new day.  Uber-creative German musician Uwe Gronau used a dreamlike trip through this alluring city as the inspiration for his latest album, Visions.

Timothy Wenzel unites traditional New Age Music elements into coalescence

A Coalescence of Dreams is not only the title and theme of this album, but it also represents the way I live my life and the way I see life unfolding,” states Wenzel.  “It’s about becoming aware of our nighttime dreams and using that knowledge.  It’s about day-dreaming, brain-storming, setting goals and making your dreams come true.  It’s about realizing that many aspects of our lives intersect, and also cross-connect with other lives." Read mroe about Timothy Wenzel.

Mark Bruland's family and friends inspired BEEing Human 

Mark Bruland’s life is all about balance -- between making music and farming, between family and work, between caring about people and taking care of animals, between working his land and creating in his studio.

The musical duo Tim White and Joe Paulino crafted the world-fusion instrumental music on their album inhale slowly not only as entertainment, but also specifically to facilitate relaxation, meditation and healing.

  • Uwe Gronau's latest recording, Time Rider, invites the listener to explore their past and future life by surfing the waves of time with his music providing both the impetus and the soundtrack for the adventure.
  • MIKE LONGO - TO MY SURPRISE (featuring The Mike Longo Trio + 2 Special Guests)
  • With every new recording, jazz pianist Mike Longo digs a little deeper into the chemistry of the music, pushing himself and his band to more fully explore the intricacies of the rhythmic nature of jazz, attempting to go to new places where surprising results await. Longo named his new album To My Surprise in honor of those special musical moments that unfold. Continue reading about the new Mike Longo CD.
  • Music that reaches across borders with Emine SARI
  • EMINE SARIEmine SARI was born in a small city in Turkey and studied piano and foreign languages in order to fulfill her dream of becoming an international artist. She entered the Japanese version of "American Idol" and become the only foreign singer who made it to the finals. Now, she plays the piano, the guitar, sings in six different languages and is the European cultural ambassador! Watch a music video and read more about Emine SARI.
  • Meet FreeSol and Timberlake
  • FreeSol and Justin Timberlake take over NYC….will it ever be the same…??
  • AOMUSIC wants global music unity
  • On their third album, ...and Love Rages On!, AOMUSIC continues to create astounding, transformative, international, world-fusion sounds truly reflecting our global community. Continue reading about AOMUSIC new CD release.
  • Interview with Ricky Skaggs
  • Rick Cutler’s sound is considerably different than most acoustic pianists who play solo.  On his second recording, First Melancholy Then the Night Stretch.

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