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The Many Faces of Cuyle Carvin

By Fred Grandinetti

Several months ago actor Cuyle Carvin gave me a DVD of the film Fog Warning where he plays Karl. Due to my malfunctioning player the movie began in the middle of the picture. 

Karl was discussing how his delinquent father, now in a rest home, was begging him to visit. 

It was an extremely poignant and well acted scene.  I truly felt bad for Karl and his situation.  My DVD player began working and I started the film from the beginning.  Karl stops his car when he sees a car accident has taken the lives of several teenagers.  One young woman is still barely alive as Karl approaches her.  Based upon what I saw in the middle of the film I expected the young man to help her.  Instead he begins to unzip his pants with an evil look on his face.  The woman dies before Karl can have his way with her. 

This, in my opinion, is the mark of a talented actor.  One who can make the audience both sympathize and fear him.  Carvin calls Karl a very bad man where rape and murder is fair game to him. Fog Warning will be released  on DVD for the Halloween season. with an exact date undetermined as of this writing.  The actor urges horror and mystery followers to keep checking www.cuylecarvin.com for updates on this frightening film.

While attending Hartwick College becoming an actor was not foremost in Carvin's mind.  "I was there because my mom was an employee and tuition was free.

Also one of my best friends from childhood was attending.  One of the classes I took was Introduction to Theater which was very interesting. I decided to pursue a degree in this field. The acting bug bit me when I watched the film Braveheart. I become emotionally invested in the film.  It was the first time I thought of a movie as more than just entertainment.  I wanted to jump into that film and help William Wallace!

Carvin's acting career began in 2004 with an appearance in the television series, The World's Astonishing News . This was a Japanese television program which recreated bizarre news stories from around the world.  This led to appearances on As The World Turns , All My Children and Rescue Me . 

His first feature film was Person of Interest where Carvin played a psychic detective.  The film is currently available on DVD. He followed this with Jacksonville portraying Lt. Jonas Devonshire. 

Carvin recalls, "I really wanted this part and was very nervous after the audition waiting for the phone to ring." 

The setting of the picture was World War III which is fought on American soil. Devonshire was the platoon leader of a small group of soldiers. The character struggled to keep his soldiers alive on a suicidal mission.

Carvin's other film roles put him in the middle of some horrific situations.  He played a policeman involved with the Assault of the Sasquatch and a brutal big brother who earns a well deserved demise in Victimize.  

For Alien Opponent he played Braden James who Carvin called, "a farm-boy who is sloppy, uneducated but strong and moral." The actor not only takes on an alien but a possessed priest played by wrestling legend Roddy Piper.  Carvin said the film is gruesome but also fun and entertaining. Assault of the Sasquatch can be found on DVD and  Alien Opponent began playing on The Chiller Network in August of 2011.

Carvin is very proud of his role in the movie Mineville which is being screened through the independent film circuit.  He played Michael O' Rourke and the script is based on the true story of Irish immigrant workers. The movie explores immigrant families forced to live in ghetto conditions and their struggles to obtain equality. 

Carvin calls his part, "the most emotionally demanding role that I have had to date.  I put allot of pressure on myself to present a true account of what these family members went through. He has also been involved with lighter entertainment providing the narration for the film The Snow Princess. 

Carvin calls this animated film a nice but dark story about a Snow Princess who lives in an ice castle.  It was directed by Genevieve Holland and available on DVD. 

The short films Italian Deli and Italian Deli II: Meat the Family  gave the actor the opportunity to play comedic role as a nervous suitor. These shorts can be viewed on You Tube as well as selected scenes from Carvin's other film projects. More recent television appearances include roles in Law and Order SVU and the Hallmark television movie Keeping Up With the Randalls.

While Carvin keeps himself in excellent shape for his film and television appearances there is a more compelling reason why he does. 

The actor explained, "Growing up I was very fortunate to live with a family and community which gave me opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I would not be the same person I am today without what exercise, sports and healthy eating has provided. These things are so important in an attempt to ward off sickness.  I want children to be provided with the same information and opportunities I had growing up." 

Carvin teaches fitness classes where he resides in Los Angeles and distributes a Cuyle Carvin Coloring Book to various non profit organizations.  The coloring book features the actor in cartoon form introducing a healthier lifestyle to a little boy who enjoys  sitting in front of the television set. 

Carvin also stars in a public service announcement promoting exercise which has aired on cable access channels in Massachusetts.  He also is seen exercising on the award-winning cable access series Drawing With Fred.  Carvin flexes his muscles to introduce the Popeye films aired on the program.
Cuyle Carvin also enjoys being behind the camera and formed By the C Productions in 2009.  "I love working with actors and directing other performers helps me to become a better actor myself. With my own production company it is very much a learning experience which I am greatly enjoying."

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