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VOices from Heaven CDBest-selling Norwegian new age music keyboardist Tron Syversen has teamed with wordless vocalist Runar Halonen to create the powerful and therapeutic recording, Voices From Heaven, a masterpiece of ambient and improvisational sound healing.

Syversen has created more than a dozen albums that have led him to the forefront of the new age music field.  His music serves as a sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being. 

He is known for making music that is healing, meditative, healthful, stress-reducing and peaceful.  Syversen (photo left) has worked with many wordless vocalists on his previous recordings, so teaming up with sound-healer Halonen was a logical step.  The duo has previously worked together on musical guided meditation recordings (Activation of Your Inner Healing and Create The Life You Want).

Syversen is acknowledged as a pioneer in the Northern-European relaxation-healing music community, but each year his music and influence has spread farther afield.  Syversen’s CD, Piano Poems, went to #6 on the international monthly Top 100 Zone Music Reporter airplay chart followed by the #5 Peaceful Journey and the #6 Sacred Dreams -- some of the most-played new age music recordings of the past few years.  On these albums he often plays piano and electronic keyboards with occasional guest musicians on acoustic instruments.  Syversen also composes, arranges and produces the music.

Voices From Heaven and other recordings by Tron Syversen are available from his website (tronmusic.com), alegro-music.com, amazon.com and many other online CD and digital download sales sites as well as at many large retail stores as well as music, gift and new age lifestyle shops throughout North America and Europe.  His music has become extremely popular with holistic healers, massage therapists, spa managers, yoga teachers, reiki masters, doctors, school teachers and care-givers.

Halonen RunarHalonen (photo left) has been working in the healing industry since 1996 (“It is an in-born ability to convey universal energy.”).  He completed a study of reflexology in 2000 and began working in the field fulltime in 2003.  He is an Approved MNHA Healer in the Nordic Healing Association (qualifying members’ education, practice and ethical conduct) which is, in turn, approved by the government’s regulating Social Affairs department.  Halonen does private healing sessions, as well as group meetings, seminars, conferences and concerts.

For Voices From Heaven, both Halonen and Syversen felt they “channeled” the music.  “These tracks were created without previous planning,” explains Syversen.  “We put ourselves into a state of mind so that the music could come to us freely.”

According to Halonen, “Sound healing is a powerful tool to use.  I experience it as a deep form of healing.  The energy created from sound healing is very sharp, and it can best be described as a kind of needle-energy.  Sound healing creates unique frequencies that are very specific for each situation.  The energies use my voice as an instrument to reach specific areas in your body or mind.  The sound carries the energies.  Different vocal sounds appear -- both high and low notes.  Through inner images, I see where the sound is working on the client or within a group.”

Voices From Heaven is comprised of three lengthy tunes -- Voices in Heaven’s Cathedral,” “Voices for Mother Earth” and “Voice of Dreams.”  Each piece features Syversen playing spacey, ambient, floating synthesizer music with occasional synthesized percussion or strings effects while Halonen adds soaring, sailing, drone-like, mood-setting, uplifting wordless vocalizing.

In his book, My Amazing Transformation, Halonen tells his own personal story of healing.  He received this message, which he then passed along to his readers and clients: “You will bring heaven to earth and the people back to heaven.  You are to build bridges between heaven and earth.”  The Voices From Heaven CD is a continuation of this practice.

Syversen says, “I attended meditation training using the Silva Method some years ago, and one of the things I learned was to trust the ideas that came into my head.  One of these ideas was to incorporate into my music a human voice as an instrument.  This has added another deep human dimension to my music.  It is like recreating a primal experience, the singing or humming that most mothers do with their babies.

“When composing,” Syversen explains, “I use both my improvisational skills as a jazz pianist and my understanding about how music affects our mental and physical health.  We often live with a lot of stress that includes appointments on our agendas as well as expectations from ourselves and others.  I realized that there is a big demand for music that can relax and heal the listeners both mentally and physically, so I always keep that in mind while I am creating the music.”

According to Syversen, “My mother played the piano and I started playing at age seven.  I also received early musical training in classical piano music at the local music school.”  A few years later he began playing trumpet and joined the school’s band.  Later Syversen learned other important musical lessons such as jazz improvisation by studying with trumpeter Eckland Baur, a member of the award-winning Geir Lysne Ensemble.  “I analyzed jazz tunes and found out how to move to other keys within a tune and I also discovered notes that could be used in melody lines in ways I did not consider possible before starting to play jazz.”

For years Tron played piano accompanying various choirs.  He also played in many big bands including the Kings Guards Band.  “This was when I started arranging music and it was a great period of musical development for me.”  Syverson’s musical influences include Rick Wakeman from Yes, early Vangelis, Kitaro and the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden.

Syversen had a successful career as a businessman, but never gave up playing music.  In fact, at one point he built a warehouse, but added a music studio on the top floor and began arranging and producing records for other artists in his spare time.  “It was easy for me to come up with musical arrangements.  I always had ideas in my head.”  Syversen began composing his own music for meditation purposes and for a doctor who specializes in patients with pain problems.  “I recorded some of my own music which I sent to the Fonix Musik record company in Denmark and they accepted it for release.”  This led to a fulltime music career for Syversen and eventually to the creation of his own record company.  Now Syversen has a catalog of successful recordings such as Gentle Moments, Inner Balance, Garden of Visions and Whispers of Assisi.

“My goal has always been to make enjoyable music that people like to listen to,” explains Syversen.  “But I also want the music to be good for deep relaxation, meditation, sharp concentration or improved sleep.  If my music helps people in their daily lives, I have accomplished more than just entertainment.  The music on Voices From Heaveen can be used soley for sound healing or in conjunction with other holistic therapies including massage, spa treatments or aromatherapy.”

Halonen says, “We believe this music will promote the listener’s inner balance.  This energy, represented here as music, is the driving force of everything we see around us, yes, in the entire universe.  We want to activate your own healing processes.  All humans have the ability to heal themselves, and we want this music to help facilitate that therapy.”

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