Finally a group worth writing about!! Let me introduce you to FreeSol…

By K.Kirker: and FreeSol Band

Even though FreeSol is no stranger to music, y’all might not have heard of them yet, but that is all about to change! These guys are amazingly talented and will have you shaking your booty!

I first heard these guys about 4 years ago, when Myspace was the site to be on. They caught my attention because they are a sound all of their own.

When you listen to their music, you might hear similarities to other artist, but that quickly changes when they add their own flavor. I feel like FreeSol has a Rock/HipHop vibe with a little R&B/Soul. These guys can definitely do it all and they are not lacking energy that is for sure.

I was lucky enough to catch these guys live in NYC where they played The Studio @Webster Hall. With no surprise these guys totally rocked it out and I couldn’t sit still.

I was looking around at the crowd to see their reactions (which was hard for me, because I didn’t want to take my eyes off the stage,) and everyone was moving and having a great time.

Let me introduce you to the guys of FreeSol:

FreeSol BandTaking the Lead as MC we have Free who commands the attention of every single person. I felt like he was performing for me alone, but as I looked around, I could see everyone felt the same. It definitely comes natural to Free and you can tell.

On Bass we have Premo D’Anger rocking it out. This guy has so much energy and it shows how much he loves what he does. There is no way you can sit still after watching the way Premo is up on the stage dancing around completely having a blast!! You can also catch Premo doing vocals as well.

On Guitar/Vocals we have Elliott. Elliott is amazing on the guitar and adds a nice addition to the vocals. He has an upbeat, carefree kind of attitude that fits well with the others.

We have Charlie White as DJ. DJ Charlie White is one of the elements that set FreeSol apart from other groups.  His vibe and spinning skills just adds such an upbeat, get your body moving, sick flow that puts everything together.

Last but certainly not least, we have Kickman Teddy on the Drums. Teddy might start the set with a shirt, but by the end of the show he kills the drums leading to his shirt disappearing from being on Fire!! ;).

FreeSol BandFreeSol has so many great songs, but right now my favorite song of theirs is “Don’t Give It Away,” which I can’t get enough of. This song gets stuck in my head all day, but in a good way. It has such a nice beat and flow to it, and then you listen to the words and just relate. I love music like this and I even like the song so much that I went to I-tunes and made it my new ring tone.  Speaking of I-Tunes, you can head on over there and purchase it for yourself too J/

Aside from my favorite “Don’t Give It Away,” they also have some other great songs like “Rock N Rolla,” “4.20,” “Before You Slip,” and they just released their video for “Hoodies On, Hats Low.”

You can check this video out at  This video was directed by none other than Justin Timberlake, who we all know is one of the most multi-talented guys in the business.

JT also makes an appearance in the video, but even if he had nothing to do with FreeSol or the video, these guys would make a name for themselves. With FreeSol’s talent and the expertise of JT, y’all are not going to want to miss out on the FreeSol tidal wave getting ready to knock you over!!  If you want to find out more, go to the following websites and take a listen: 

Next: FreeSol and Justin Timberlake take over NYC….will it ever be the same…??

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